[geocentrism] Re: Heliocentrism is dead

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  • Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 18:58:50 -0000

Dear Steven,
What does this posting mean?

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  Wow, this is amazing, I now proudly announce the secular 
heliocentric/anentric blasphemy dead! Climb aboard for the grand-prize, 
legitimate ones that is, don't let any of us be silenced by the NASA crowd 
should they come with some "cash-incentives"!


  Allen Daves wrote: 
    Congratulations Paul !.

    Your diagram shows and just proved that if the earth did in fact go around 
the sun according to HC then the fixed camera focused ~parallel to the ecliptic 
(north or south) axis, over the course of six moths will be pointing in a 
entirely different direction and thus looking a different stars in a different 
ecliptic latitude of the celestial sphere in the sky ( not just different stars 
on the same ecliptic latitude) A wopping 24 degrees in a different direction 
altogether with entirly different stars ....NOW GO DO THAT AN SEE IF THAT EVER 
HAPPENS IN REALITY........hint....IT DOES NOT!!! .........Paul, I knew you were 
a closet geocentrist all the time.....:-)

    Paul Deema <paul_deema@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
      Greetings interested parties!
      Comments in this colour
      From j a Wed Nov 14 20:45:30 2007
        What Paul is saying is the same thing I've been trying to get across. 
An ally! When attempting to record an annual trail; as the camera moves to the 
next photo op it also gets tilted by the rotation on the nightly axis. Tilting 
the camera for the next photo alters where any particular star will fall on the 
photo plate. Surley you must see how altering the camera angle while collecting 
for a single trail (whether nightly or annual) would alter the trail?
      From j a Wed Nov 14 21:49:52 2007
        Didn't we determine that 23'56" was the proper time to record the 
annual star trail and that at 24hours we would not record a star trail? NO 24 
hours exposures.. Sorry -- this time Allen got it right!
      From Allen Daves Wed Nov 14 23:43:00 2007
        I think I understand what you are getting at now..?...........Allen! 
Can I truly stop trying now?

      Well I've got a picture for you all anyway. Please tell me if you don't 
understand this.
      Paul D

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