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Dear All,
I've just found a number of e-mails in my anti-spam folder which were put there 
automatically and  among them were a lot of my own! I have changed my settings 
and hope that it doesn't happen again. Perhaps Steven may be able to help here.

The one below from James is one of them plus there were a couple from Paul. 
Sorry if I appeared to ignore them, in fact I did respond to one of Paul's when 
he nudged me to comment.

I would be very interested in what this hand sign means to the Bush family. I 
definitely struggle with his confessed Christian credentials. If he really is a 
'born again Christian', then why on earth is he President of the USA? As a 
leader, as indeed anyone, will personally be held responsible for his actions 
by God. I would not want to be in his shoes. 

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  In my experience, this sign means many things to many different people (from 
profane to loving). Hard to know what someone means with a sign that has 
multiple definitions. Since GWB professes to be a born-again believer, I'll 
assume he doesn't intend it to be satanic.

  Jack Lewis <jack.lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
    Dear All,
    Below are two links to a series of photos of GWB and a other politicians 
who would appear to be making Satanic signs in public. What do you think?



    Jack Lewis

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