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FW:I did not know  turner had religious connections. 
In the interests of open debate, and having no argument with any possibility, I 
send this for comment.. Might as well as we have well and truly settled the 
geocentrism debate..  winning it hands down..  Philip. 

FYI Have you seen this?


Dear Friends,

Jesuit Coadjutor Hal Turner has been given some correct information.  I saw the 
CNN news report of the B-52s moving the nuclear warheads in the Denver airport 
and knew this was possibly the beginning of placing nuclear devices in targeted 
cities here in the US.  Following the detonations, Al Qaeda will be blamed, 
Mecca and Medina blown to bits by CIA/Al Qaeda with pre-placed special weapons, 
martial law declared, the roundup of all American Moslems (as portrayed the 
Order's Hollywood movie in which military officer Bruce Willis rounds up 
American Moslems) and the opening of the concentration camps.

This movement of nukes is indeed a Criminal Conspiracy carried out by Bonesman 
George Bush under the leadership of his Knight of Malta father who is the mere 
vassal of Knight of Malta and Archbishop of New York City, Edward Cardinal 
Egan---directed by Jesuit Avery Cardinal Dulles at Fordham University whose 
SMOM uncle and ex-DCI Allen Dulles was a co-conspirator in the murder and 
cover-up of  JFK.

Hal Turner has put out some real truth here but for what reason?  He is a White 
Roman Catholic, pro neo-Nazi, Jew hating, pro Knight of Malta Pat Buchanan, 
Jesuit shill.  Hal Turner, by putting out this info, will be vindicated in his 
pro-fascist position and draw millions of White Roman Catholics, apostate 
Protestants and Baptists into his org---as intended by the Jesuits.  The 
Order's "terrorism" is in fact a political ecumenical movement to culminate in 
a military dictatorship first attempted back in the 1930s via Knight of Malta 
John J. Raskob, a kingpin in the Democratic Party and controller of DuPont, one 
of the country's foremost munitions manufacturers.

With the iniquity of the Americans having come to the full, maybe this attempt 
by the Order will be successful.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

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Hello Brother,

Check this out!

Reports that five nuclear warheads were "accidentally" shipped by B-52 from 
Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana 
are false. It was no mistake; it was a criminal conspiracy to launch nuclear 
terrorist attacks against five U.S. cities!

Military investigators have confirmed to The Hal Turner Show that President 
Bush's personal Presidential authorization code authorized the removal of five 
150 kiloton nuclear warheads from their secure nuclear storage safes.

Those Investigators also confirmed that the cruise missiles in which those 
warheads were placed, were mounted on the wings of the B-52 and not placed in 
the belly of the plane with other missiles headed for decommissioning.

When those nuclear cruise missiles arrived at Barksdale AFB, Investigators say 
plans were made to move those warheads off the base, allowing them to be used 
for what was to be a massive, nuclear "terrorist" strike against five U.S. 
cities. They speculate the attacks would have been blamed on AL-Qaida and used 
as an excuse to impose Martial Law in the U.S.

Government officials are scrambling to silence this investigation becuase it 
proves definitively that President George W. Bush was personally complicit in 
planning terrorist attacks against his own country for the purpose of declaring 
Martial law, merging the United States with other countries after we've been 
"crippled" by massive nuclear attacks, implementing "one world government" to 
"prevent anything like this from ever happening again" and, of course, 
remaining in power forever as absolute Dictator.

Elements inside the U.S. Military are aggressively seeking to arrest President 
Bush while top Brass in the military is doing everything possible to quash the 

They leaked this information to me because efforts to "spin" and cover-up what 
really happened are overwhelming righteous efforts to hold the President 
accountable for his acts.

Investigators have been removed from the case and re-assigned. All have been 
threatened with arrest and prison if they reveal what they know.

Investigators have told The Hal Turner Show "the scope and grandeur of this 
conspiracy is so vast, so intertwined in the upper echelons of military and 
political power, that it is almost impossible to believe."

They went on to say that career Military Brass are putting their own personal 
interests (careers and pensions) ahead of national security because they are 
terrified of the consequences of this situation being made public.


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