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Reply for Neville. My comments interspersed. in brown, called maroon?????
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  Dear All,

  It seems to me that the forum is stagnating. We are making no progress on 
theological issues, 
  I think lots of progress has been made theologically.. Just look at the 
changes you have made Neville..  Of course I do not consider all progress as 
positive...More often it is negative. Theologically the forum has demonstrated 
remarkable stability considering the large range of diversity in belief. A Jew 
or two might add to the debate.. even an Islamite. Keeping in mind theology is 
not all about dogma.

  nor any progress on scientific issues. 
  Well I am completely happy with this forum from the scientific angle..  
Science cannot be dogmatic either..  What is progress but a learning 
experience.. I've done lots of that here stimulated by this forum.. Always 
being forced to visit Wacky Wiki, or even Wicki Wacky, to upgrade my 
understanding of lots of things. That geocentrism remains a mystery is a 
foregone conclusion, and one of those things that remind us of our position in 
relation to He who designed and built it all. 
  In fact, we have not even reached consensus on what is going on in the world 
at present (and who, or what, is responsible for it). 
  I think we all know who is responsible, except Paul of course. Some people 
just take longer and need a full meltdown before they realise something was up, 
far too late to do anything...  but I'm prepared..  Looks like Peter is..  and 
from the theological point of view, practical preparation is less important 
than the spiritual. 

  Also, many members have gone, or remain, completely silent.

  Hmmm, isn't it still Christmas tide?  I've still got 2 cartons of christmas 
cheer to drink....  except Christmas is no different to the rest of the year 
for me..  

  I am therefore contemplating closing the forum, If you do I will send Jack 
over to poison your drinking water with sodium fluoride...and send 20 copies of 
all my drafts folder direct to your private email addresses..  

  to concentrate on my own work. That I will allow you to do, providing you 
share it for our expert critical analysis. 
  Before doing so, what is YOUR opinion?  Ah has just givin it! 



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