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Paul D...scientific minded people are largely constrained by evidence..that is 
what we keep waiting for you to produce...all you give us is "it could...thus 
it must be"..when we give you the evidence that refutes your positions or 
demonstrate actual use of LOE you just appeal to how you and others feel about 
how the evidence might or could and thus must show something else..........it 
is your religious beliefs ( atheism) that blind you and other like you to the 
obvious. evidence against you position and for ours................


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Philip M
Re: excuse my paranoia From philip madsen Thu Sep 27 08:50:54 2007
Who is being 100% open and without bias? 
Short answer -- neither. The difference is that the scientific minded people 
are largely constrained by evidence but the bible backed brigade feels free, 
even obligated, to ignore evidence if their interpretation of the Bible says 
Paul D
Paul D
PS I have a bad habit of leaving out the subject. Please ignore previous -- use 
this one instead, it's so much neater if you have a subject as reference.

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