[geocentrism] Re: Evolution

  • From: "Jack Lewis" <jack.lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <geocentrism@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 08:48:52 +0100

Dear Paul,
I would just like to put your statement, below, into its proper context.
   'the overwhelming majority of scientists who disagree with the ID position.' 

  The scientists you are referring to, first and foremost as a priori, do not 
believe in a creator, that's their starting position. Their position is not 
dictated by science but by their own atheistic, materialistic and humanist 
world view. This world view colours the way in which they view the evidence. 
Likewise a creationists does believe in a creator and this colours his view of 
the same evidence. Neither have formed their world view from the evidence but 
in spite of the evidence. I'm sure its pretty safe for me to say that the 
majority of creationists were believers in a creator before they rejected 
evolution. In my particular case, like everyone else, I was taught that we all 
evolved and in this I was quite happy to believe, after all scientists were 
honest and objective people of integrity who sought only the truth. When I was 
53 I became a Christian but still believed in evolution. It was only a little 
later that I came across creationism and was shown many of the insurmountable 
problems of evolution. Chemical evolution, the DNA code and the information 
stored in it, radiometric dating, macroevolution, irreducible complexity, the 
obvious design etc. all gave me serious cause to rethink what I had been 
taught. When I realised that evolution was shot through with holes, I became 
quite angry that I had held scientists in such a high standing. What made 
matters worse was that these evolutionists KNEW all these problems existed but 
totally ignored them or ad-hoc'd them out of sight. I know of no evolutionist 
who became a creationist simply through scientific argument. In some cases it 
may reduce the spiritual barrier that exists but not much more. In all the 
cases I have read about they became believers in God first and then reappraise 
their view of origins. I know of only one Christian who became an evolutionist, 
or perhaps more accurately stopped believing in God, and he wrote a book about 

  This is the reason why I limit the amount of time I will spend debating 
evolutionists. If I can see a spiritual barrier being lowered I would continue 
to discuss the subject. However this doesn't happen very often. So there you 
have it Paul, it is not possible to argue someone into believing in God using 
science, common sense, logic or rational reasoning, it takes a spiritual 
awakening first. Here's the paradox for you; if you want to be spiritually 
awakened then you must ask God (who you currently don't believe in) to help 
you. Ask God, that if he really exists, to stir something within you.  

  In all sincerity


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