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Dear Paul,
Once again you reinforce your ignorance about evolution by making this 
nonsensical statement about French people with six fingers. This has nothing to 
do with the kind of evolution creationists reject. This is no more than a 
genetic disorder, as is cystic-fibrosis or haemophilia etc. You are still 
playing around with the 'easy' bits of evolution (micro - even with six digits 
they are still humans) and ignoring the really difficult bits of evolution 
(macro - with six digits they might evolve into very agile monkeys). 

Have you tried to find out how this genetic information came about yet? 

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  Philip M
  I said -
    There is an area in France where it is common for people to have six digits 
on each hand instead of five. I'd say there was more information in their 
genomes than normal for this to occur.
  To which you responded -
    The question is, was the abnormality of an extra fingure passed on by 
genetics, or was it  the propensity to have the accident, like any desease. 
  Despite your dissertation on micro surgery, my point was that it was common 
in this area, ie it is propogated normally. If this population were to be 
isolated and the change is survival neutral or advantaged, then six digits on 
each hand (sorry, I don't know about the feet) would probably become the norm, 
just I suppose as would ducks with four legs.

  Paul D

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