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... I'll refer you to an interesting site which gives the answer which I cannot manage and even if I could, I simply do not have the time, Besides, the author is much more capable than am I.
Paul D

Thought you'd all just appreciate a little snippet from that "capable" author that Paul references, "Dr. S. claims that the method as a whole is a failure and should be discarded, but this claim ignores large numbers of successful determinations on really old rocks that are in close agreement with other radiodating methods.
From these considerations it is clear that Dr Snelling's "evaluation" is nothing more than the sheerest self-serving drivel.

The "capable" author does not understand that the "large numbers of successful determinations on really old rocks" is nothing more than his/her subjective, evolutionary, bias and circular reasoning. S/he then reverts to the evolutionists' prime weapon to use on the "less capable" Joe Bloggs: personal insults and ridicule of people who know what they are talking about. How pathetic!

Given the choice of listening to Andrew Snelling or the "capable" author, I'll plump for Dr. Snelling, thank you.


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