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  • Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 23:18:19 +0100

Dear Paul,
Can't you tell when something is a figure of speech? You are a very difficult 
man to talk to and need to have every little comment explained in detail.

OK, to me the evidence is proof of God, but I can't actually see God, that is 
where the faith comes in. My faith is also all about eternal life, God's 
promises, forgiveness of sin and repentance. You would probably say the 
evidence is circumstantial and therefore not proof. That's OK Paul because if 
we could prove God to your satisfaction what need is there of faith? The 
connection between Copernicus and Darwin is simple and you can't see it. Try 
thinking about again, if you are still stumped come back to me and I'll explain.

Having answered your 'contradiction' do you still think you are 'on the right 

You have never commented on my explanation why evolutionists are evolutionists 
and creationists are creationists. This is like abiogenesis a 'show stopper'.

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  Jack L
    ' ... to show you that He exists and the evidence is all around you. 
Believing in God is all about FAITH ...'

  I'm sorry Jack but this is the sort of contradiction that tells me I'm on the 
right path.

  Paul D

  PS You never did tell me why Copernicus and Darwin are joined.

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