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Dear Paul,
In the absence of knowing what put your faith at risk, consider the Christian 
who is being tortured because of his faith and cries out to God to stop his 
pain, and yet will not renounce his faith. Why is his faith so strong and yours 
so weak? What is the difference between you? Also consider this; perhaps God is 
using this forum to show you that He exists and the evidence is all around you. 
Believing in God is all about FAITH and not signs and wonders. Personally I 
consider that changing me from an evolution believing atheist into a God 
fearing creationist is one heck of a miracle! 

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  Jack L

  When I was 53, I had been a believing christian for about 47 years. The 
prayer I recall most often making -- with ever increasing urgency -- was "God 
-- make my faith strong." Clearly for all those years it was not strong and God 
seemed disinclined to help me remedy that failing. Finally, an event occurred 
which served to separate me from the practice of my religion and faith ebbed 
rapidly when I was removed from constant reinforcement. With time I saw the 
reality -- "Faith is what allows us to believe what we know is not possible".

  Paul D

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