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This item of news was gleaned from the 'SUN' newspaper.

The fossilised remains of Darwin were removed from the Natural History Museum due to fraudulent dating. The fossil was previously dated at 4,5 million years but was subsequently found to be only about 150 years old. The museum authorities are questioning a Mr. Richard Dawkins about the fraud.


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laugh! where did you find that, it's very funny, great.
On Thu, 20 Sep 2007 00:02:44 +0100, Neville Jones <njones@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

No problem, Jack, I understand.

The page cries out for an illustration, so I've searched around and found a photo I thought would suit the piece. See if you agree next time you take a look
at it.



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Dear Neville,

I'm sorry I meant to reply yesterday. I don't really think I could do justice to the picture that it forms in my mind. I see it as a very busy cartoon and one that would take some time to draw, time which I don't have a great deal of at the moment. That's another reason why I'm not getting into a discussion with Paul about evolution. I don't even have enough time to paint! I'll have to pass-up
this one Neville. Thanks for asking me.


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Subject: [geocentrism] Illustration wanted

Dear Jack,

Are you up for the Darwin Symphony Orchestra illustration?



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