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We know the reasoning against a collar flap involves the assumption that the
atmosphere is velcroed to the earth and is unaffected by a 67,000 MPH
headwind...because, of course, Einstein erased the aether from his
blackboard and there is no friction and no headwind.  And, naturally, there
is no 500,000 MPH headwind in the alleged orbit around the alleged Milky
Way. Neither would the alleged exit from an alleged Big Bang near light
speed be a factor.

Personally, my purpose in using the "collar flap" imagery over 15 years ago
was to call attention to the tremendous earth speeds involved in the
heliocentricity model in a Big Bang universe...which model is not only built
from stem to stern on observation-denying assumptions, but also, as we can
now know from plentiful documentation, is a model that is derived concept
for concept from the Zohar/Kabbala holy book of the Pharisee Religion as an
alternate "creation scenario" to the Biblical Geocentrism Model.

Others may approach the flap or non flap idea differently.  What is your

Dear Bernard

I am afraid you haven't answered my question at all.
I am not stupid either, and have no need to be explained the
ramifications of an Earth without an atmosphere.
I will rephrase my question in terms of your reply:
"What would cause the Earth's atmosphere to "...be left behind
like a comets tail" ?  What are the forces, the materials
involved, the momentum transfer, that would cause this scenario.
What would give the Earth  ( with it's atmosphere ) a head-wind ?
What is it, that the Earth is plowing into?
These are all different versions of the same question, so
one answer will suffice.



Quoting Bernard

Dear Regner,

If the Earth were rotating at an equatorial speed of 1,000 miles
per hour and orbiting a "solar system" at a velocity of 67,000 miles per
hour then the Earth's atmosphere would be left behind like a
comets tail. If the person's feet were somehow super-glued
to the surface of the Earth his collar would flap for about one
second before the atmosphere was gone and only space left.
There would be no more problem of the collar flapping
without a head-wind from an atmosphere, but there would be a new
problem of finding air to breath to stay alive in space.

A person now standing on the surface of the Earth and surrounded
by the atmosphere is not the same situation as a person standing on
the surface of the Earth surrounded by empty space.


Dear Bernard

Your collar flaps when exposed to a head-wind.
What would provide such a head-wind in space?!?!?

Kind Regards,


Dear Regnar,

For the same reason that your collar would flap if you were
standing on the roof of a fast-moving train. The equivalent scenario of
standing inside
a fast-moving train, is standing inside an underground cavern of a
fast-moving Earth.
The equivalent scenario of standing on the roof of a fast-moving train, is
standing on the
"roof" ( surface ) of a fast-moving Earth.

Kind Regards,

Dear Bernard,

Regarding another important point in your argumentation;
please tell me why your collar would flap on a moving Earth.

Kind regards,


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