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Dear JA,
It's all about controlling people. There is a hidden agenda behind all this and 
its obvious, in my opinion, that the real power isn't with governments but 
those faceless people who control the governments (financiers etc.). Terrorism 
and drugs are the tools being used. Haven't you noticed that because of the 
'terrorist' threat we are now getting used to seeing armed police and military 
in places where we once didn't? We are being asked to give up a 'little' of our 
freedoms in order for the authorities to 'protect' us from these 'terrorists'. 
CCTV is rampant everywhere, certainly in the UK, and we are told that it is to 
combat crime. What better way of watching our movements, 1984 and all that! Its 
all about control and its being done by the gradual erosion of freedoms. As for 
the increasing use of computers, Internet, mobile phones and wireless 
technology nothing is private, hidden or secret anymore. 

Any comment anyone?

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               "I admit that, at this point in time, I am not expecting to have 
my view changed"
               "I don't know. I didn't say I knew. I did say "...when I 
decide..." "

  You seem too conflicted to discuss this!

  But anyway - currrently the sun is hotter, other planets (without peolple) 
are currently hotter to match the suns increased output, Throughout time the 
earth has constantly gone through cooling and warming cycles, All the 
indications of man-made global warming are from computer models and my 
weatherman can barely predict next weeks weather let alone 25 years from now, 
The people pushing global warming are alarmists, The people who are pressing 
the need to curtail human activity to fix this problem are mostly liberal big 
government types and they always need a crisis. I'm sure others could expand 
this list greatly.

  I've listed some of my reasons - Now I repeat - Please list your big reasons 
for believing.

  Paul Deema <paul_deema@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    j a
              From j a Wed May 30 21:44:52 2007
      [PD] I follow the crowd when I decide that the crowd is correct.
      [j a] How do you know that the crowd is correct on global warming being 
caused by human activities? What are the big reasons that you accept it?
    I don't know. I didn't say I knew. I did say "...when I decide..." And I 
decide on the basis of the many reports I see and on my assessment of the 
probability of their being correct.
    You seem rather determined that I am in error. How do you know that I am in 
error? What is your proof that you are correct? How do you decide that the 
overwhelming majority of the world's scientists are wrong? What is your 
explanation for the observed temperature rise?
    I am intrigued that among the many points I made in response to your 
original question, the above is the only point upon which you comment. Would 
you care to comment?
    Paul D

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