[geocentrism] Re: Bible anomalies.

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Ok Allen thats a start. I said it was a flat world. You said it was half the 
size.You mean diameter? . Now that means the gravity would be a sixth or 
quarter, and people would all be supermen jumping over the tallest buildings 

And they'd all be closer to hell, unless the fires were smaller, expanded to 
todays size no doubt by the great majority of people sent there to boost the 

Can anyone check the distance to the horizon in preflood days? And then the 
problem of the amount of atmosphere and its density rears its ugly head... 
Perhaps it was the waters from the above, that sunk into the ground and swelled 
the earth to the size it is today..  I sort of worry how all that water is down 
there with all that fire and brimstone..  

Perhaps it is steam..building up pressure for another big bang..  

Seriously Allen, please provide any evidence you have that the world was half 
size  in the beginning..  

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  Philip, the earth was not the same size then as it is now and yes ALLL the 
evidince suports that fact......in fact the earth was only 1/2 the size it is 
today...anyone care to chalenge me on the Scientific Evidence...not what most 
people belive........i wont argue what coulda, might have  happend external of 
the only the evidence. availiable..... go on go on.....

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  After a bad night thinking on the flood, maybe we need to resolve these 
issues first. 

  The whole earth was inundated after just 960 hours of continuous rain to a 
height of 29,000 ft plus above sea level, given that Mt Everest was around 

  That is 29,000 x 12 inches of rain in 960 hours  or 362 inches of rain per 
hour over every sinle sq inch of the planet.  More actually as the sphere 
surface area grew.   ..

  Thats not rain, Thats a waterfall, for 40 days and 40 nights...  What sort of 
roof on the ark could withstand that?  

  Anybody care to go further and calculate the volume of that water on the 
entire globe from sea level to 30,000ft? And where it could get stored 

  I was thinking as well how much further our atmosphere went out into space, 
as it was displaced by the water, and how thinner it would become, ..  and what 
the air pressure would be for Noah and his crew, at 29,000 ft 

  I had a bad night worrying about all that..

  1st proposition.  The world was flat. Ha ha!  No high mountains like Everest. 



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