[geocentrism] Another MS fallacy .....besides relativity

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Another misstep of mainstream(MS) science is revealed.  Another one bites the 
MS Egyptologists claim the pyramids were built more than 5,000 years ago by a 
horde of up to 100,000 workmen cutting and hauling 30 ton stones 30 miles from 
the quarries to the top of the pile. The contrived details of how this was 
managed and engineered is left to various flimsy speculations…. The transport 
of the stones?  The cutting of the blocks to exquisite precision? As usual, 
little testing of unbridled MS theory is done.
But polymer chemists have now tested the stones, found they were made much like 
modern concrete building slabs, and proved by experiments that the poured 
limestone is virtually identical to the natural stone, to the protests, of 
course, of the vested interests – the geologists who have built up their 
reputation on the MS theory. 
Egyptologists say 25,000 to 100,000 workmen built the great pyramids with solid 
quarry stones; polymer chemists say only 2,300 men are needed using poured 
limestone blocks.   Twenty three hundred is the size of the workmen’s 
village at Giza!
Stones were made in wood frames of 5 different sizes …… Why? To resist 
seismic waves from earthquakes! – the monuments to the pharaohs were truly 
built to be eternal.    We haven’t even learned to do this in our modern 
cities….. are you listening, LA?
These unexpected skills by the ancient builders disprove the evolution of 
intelligence – an MS claim – and support the Bible, in holding that the 
first man created was closest to God, and the most gifted of all (save One).  
Since the Fall we have been sliding downhill, surviving now only by the 
collective scientific knowledge of 6 billion people. 
The mud bricks made with straw filler described in the Bible (and depicted in 
the Ten Commandments!) were constructed in the same way,  except the pyramid 
stones of later pharaohs were larger and stronger, formed from a limestone 
The reason it took so long for MS to discover this simple construction process 
is also described in Scripture:  “..men loved darkness rather than the 
light…” John 3:19
This is all most convincing to me, except that I haven’t met a chemist yet 
that I can trust…… Huey ….          (:^)>
Lots of techie supporting facts in the following links, including 2 videos if 
you just want a visual summary.
Casting Stones at the Pyramids 
Microstructural Evidence of Reconstituted Limestone Blocks in the Great 
Pyramids of Egypt
The New History of the Pyramids
2 videos of the concrete stone process   ~ 15 MB

JPEG image

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