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I have two problems here:

1) Your font size is so small that I am experiencing quantum mechanical effects on my monitor;

2) This mass of the rest of the universe concept is absolutely essential to the geocentric model, if we keep Newtonian mechanics.


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There are a couple of points I could make here but i realy want to focus you on only one....the earth is in "Free fall" toward the sun ,so you say.....the tides are caused by an acceleration toward the sun........Thus, we detect that acceleration in free fall!......


PS If Regener wants to attempt to reduce the daily tides due to sun and moon to a "proportional effect" to the centrifical effects  & or only a 7 mm difference, then you create a whole new problem with the centrifical force...The reason?....  because the for a orbit to be stable the forces toward sun must be balneced with the forces from the stars that create the centrifical force outward....other wise your forces are not balenced so even if you could maintain that orbit wihtout some additonal force to keep you int it.......you would not be in free fall toward stars and sun you would only be in free fall wrt the sun or the stars but not both and thus we should expect to detect the differneces................ darn you guys, just cant get around issue without robing somthing from Peter to pay Paul.......

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