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Yeah...Wwork from a basic setup .. Nothing in the universe but a stationary sun 
and a planet orbiting around it at a great speed..  There is no need to bring 
in the butterfly principle that fluttering wings in Adelaide makes it rain in 
New York. 

Even Allen must accept, geocentrism or not, that we can lay down ground rules 
for our lab in space experiment..  Another sun another planet all alone in the 

OK  now I am all the way with PD that no accelerometer on that planet no matter 
how sensitive,  will detect the acceleration of that planet as it circles that 
sun at a constant velocity in a perfectly circular orbit..  .  

That will do for starters so as not to complicate the maths with elliptical 
variables and barycentres..  

After that when Allen finds that we is true, we can bring in other variables 
due to elliptical orbits where the velocity varies, so that we will have two 
different accelerations, created by the same force.. and why again the 
accelerometer shows nothing..  

Of course it doesn't on my kitchen table, but Allen cops out on that one 
because the table aint moving. Its geocentrism see.. But the guys in or on the 
space station  will not feel anything on their table either..    Let the game 


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  Allen D
  What I've always wanted to discuss but from a seeming auspicious beginning 
starting at (Item 2, second paragraph, beginning "However, I will go this 
  "New game" in this context means "Put aside all previous baggage and make a 
fresh start concentrating exclusively on the accelerometer, the elliptical 
orbit and the Sun".
  At the outset, I acknowledge that every atom in the universe influences every 
other atom in the universe but take the view that it is not necessary to go to 
this level in order to gain an understanding of the basic mechanisms involved.
  Paul D

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  "New game. Are you interested in detachedly discussing accelerometers?"

  What would you like to discuss?  

  Get the name you always wanted with the new y7mail email address. 


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