[geocentrism] Re: 2012, electric universe, and orrery

  • From: Dan <danchap9@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 13:08:25 -0800 (PST)

2012 date from the Mayan calendar totally unbiblical and of occult origin.


Carl Felland <cfelland@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Cheryl and the rest,
The 2012 date is something I've not studied. I have been working on the 
Biblical calendar so that I can get the articles written for Neville's 
site. In reviewing my postings on this group I'm realizing that I had 
more to learn about how the Jewish calendar works concerning when the 
intercalary month is added, etc. I am seeing that while the Jewish 
calendar is close to the Biblical calendar, it too has been corrupted 
over time.

I thought about the geocentric group when I read this article. Has the 
electrical nature of the universe been discussed?


Any comments about the orrery on page 142 of Bouw's A Geocentricity 
Primer? I moderated our homeschool science fair a few days ago and we 
had two moon projects that generated discussion including that of 
geocentrism. An orrery would be helpful to me in understanding the 
relative movements of the heavenly bodies.


Cheryl wrote:

>The point of this article is that a lot of bad stuff is going to be 
>happening on the earth and will all culminate in 2012. First I heard that 
>"a lot of calendars end in 2012." Carl, where are you? Is that true?

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