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Thre translational condition only exist on the plane to the celestial axis not 
in the ecliptic axis of rotation itself!..There are two aspects here....... 
......That is the whole point of the drawings. There is a roational condition 
every 24 hours over the course of a year. (see attached)  However in the last 
drawings that i provided (attached) that translational motion to the celestial 
but not in the ecliptic does not have the same effect as the bottom drawing. 
The two are not equivilent views!  One is looking at the same rotation annauly 
as nightly the other is rotation on a differnt axis while simply looking in a 
different direction. The two are not equivilent and thereofre canont produce 
the same effects. You can't simply appeal to one then turn and focus on the 
other when the problems with it are pointed out.

  Regner T
I assure you that I am not being a pedant but I have to raise another point 
with you. It concerns this para -
    It is also clear that if the camera is mounted at another angle (still
fixed) the camera will point at great circles around the celestial poles,
both during the day and during the year (taking pictures every [tropical]
solar day).

  I have a problem with your usage of 'great circles'. Do you mean 'parallels 
of celestial latitude'? As I say, pedantry for its own sake, is petty. I ask 
because my knowledge is -- in the great scheme of things -- sketchy, and when 
confronted with something which conflicts with that present knowledge, I suffer 
the symptoms of analogously having the ground move under my feet. So basically 
-- do I have to learn something new?
  Paul D
  PS I didn't have the password for vateco!

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This is pretty amazing!
First of all, the clear and short question by Jack, could have been
answered with 12 words: "The camera positions should be the same as in
the HC drawing."  I can't actually find an answer to Jack's question
in the 364 words that Allen just spent.
  Second, the HC part of Allen's figure:
beautifully shows what Paul, Philip and I have been trying to say for
quite a while now, and I just can't figure out how Allen's words can
correspond to that figure.
  It shows the camera, fixed w.r.t. the Earth, taking pictures at
midnight, at three different points in the orbit around the Sun.
The figure makes it clear to me, that the camera points towards Polaris
in all three cases, throughout the year, and also that it will do so at
any time during the day.
  It is also clear that if the camera is mounted at another angle (still
fixed) the camera will point at great circles around the celestial poles,
both during the day and during the year (taking pictures every [tropical]
solar day).
  No rotation around the ecliptic axis!
By the way - spin and rotation is the same, I have never said anything
to the contrary. An orbit, does however, not need to involve a rotation/
spin, but can be purely translational - as shown in Allen's figure.

    Kind regards,


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Quoting Allen Daves <allendaves@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>  The point of the non HC drawing is simply that although that is not how the
> HC folk would describe the mechanics of HC, that is the only mechanics that
> would allow and are capable of replicating the nightly motion in the annual
> orbital motion with no other motions perceivable and no distinction between
> the two! Therefore, although no one would draw the solar system that way
> (bottom drawing) that is the only way that you can archive hiding the annual
> motion behind the nightly and making them indistinguishable from each other.
> The point of the top drawing is that it cannot and will not replicated the
> nightly without demonstrating a secondary annual motion. As I said the two
> drawings are not equivalent. The reason the top drawing is not capable of
> hiding the annual motion in the nightly (as the bottom can and would) is that
> rotation is s function of x& y vectors around the z axis. If the two vectors
> and z axis do not say constant then they cannot produce the same thing as
>  the nighty rotation where all three variables do stay constant. You see the
> slight of hand that HC uses is the failure to point out that not only is the
> orbital motion of the celestial axis transnational but they imply that the
> annual orbit itself rides the 23 degree plane  (That is why there examples
> try to emphasize and get you to look at and only focus on the change in
> latitude of the camera around the earth annually and how that "rides" the
> 23.44 degree celestial plane) The top drawing depicts a camera that rotates
> in one direction while looking at another. The problem is it is backwards
> from what it would have to be it were to hid the annual motion. It rotates in
> a different direction then the nightly while looking at the nightly. While
> the bottom drawing is a camera the is looking at the nightly rotation while
> in a orbit that also mimics the nightly rotation. The two drawings are not
> equivalent and only the bottom one is and would hide and make the annual and
>  nightly indistinguishable from each other.
>  I attach it here again for any late comers.......
>  Jack Lewis <jack.lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>          Dear Allen,
>  Just a point of clarification. In the 'non HC' drawing the camera is in one
> position whilst the earth rotates below it. Is this deliberate or should the
> camera positions be the same as the 'HC' drawing? This would mean that the
> ONLY difference between the two drawings is the angle of the ecliptic with
> respect to the stars.
>  Jack
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>  One last thing, for the evening.....They say a picture speaks a thousand
> words......  Hopefully you will all be able to see this....brand new attached
> diagram. it illustrates the fundamental error in your argument...........

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PNG image

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