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YES :-)
Jack Lewis <jack.lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
      Dear Allen,
  Are you are saying that the annual star trails for a given star will be 
larger / smaller than the same star in the nightly trail. This is because it 
will be seen in two different positions depending on which axis is the 
reference. Is that correct?
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Allen Daves <allendaves@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:   
Paul Deema <paul_deema@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:     DIV {   MARGIN: 0px  }        
  Allen D
The camera is NAILED to the plank.OK
  It does NOT spin. OK
  The plank slides around the Sun on the plane of the ecliptic.
  The camera points to the ecliptic pole.
  In one year the camera will have moved radially through 360 deg.YES
  Pictures taken whenever you feel the need to bleed your hydraulic system when 
overlaid WILL show an annual set of concentric star trails composed of randomly 
spaced dots and centred on the ecliptic pole. that set of concentric star 
trails  will not appear the same as the nightly.......that is the point!.....if 
they do not appear the same as the nightly then HC is untennable becuse what we 
observe in nature are identical nightly and annual.....What don't you 
  IF it were centered on the cliptic pole each star would produce a differnt 
size trail becuse the size of the trail is dependent upon the distance of the 
star from the axis in this case the ecliptic verses the celestial......ther is 
no way the two can be the same thus no way to argue that HC is tennable. 
Because, what we observed in reality is no difference between nightly and 
annual star trails....the star trails cannot be centered on both axis 
simoltaniously and produce the same size trail for each star all at the same 
  What don't you understand?
  Paul D

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