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Feel free to look for my group. Tell them, "Your wife sent us".  


Also, could you tell them to bring me back a couple of spurtles -- I've
decided I need these. I've tried to call them to send my daughter on a
"spurtle hunt" but they aren't answering...   Oh ..  and could you also tell
them I really AM cleaning the house and closet and I'm really NOT hanging
out online all day enjoying my house and my laptop alllllllllll  to myself. 



My husband, Tom, is rather tall and rather gray hair. The last I saw him he
was wearing a Stihl hat, blue jean shorts and some kind of shirt. My blonde
daughter is ten and also very tall --   especially compared to the too extra
petite girls she's with. She is in a long skirt, vest, shirt. (and I'll
assume no one will attempt to kidnap her based on my descriptions -- they've
been studying survival all year and she pretty much has the "run, scream and
act like a complete crazy person down pat!)  The other dad may be dressed up
black pants and puffy shirt. If you see a tall, large someone wearing blue
jean shorts who appears to be mocking a shorter dark-haired-dressed-up
someone -- that would probably be our group.  Tom responds well to the hard
apple cider. 





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Went last weekend, and going next weekend. Garbed, of course! Going as a
mundane just isn't as much fun. Its like going without a GPSr when you know
there is a cache right in the parking lot: it just isn't done! Where are
folks meeting? We need to meet up with another group, too.


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