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  • Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 14:36:13 -0500


>From: Dan Henke <thunder_monk@xxxxxxxxx>

>I do have a question though....What is wrong with
>putting a cache somewhere just to have a cache there?
>I mean if you look at all the Rest stop caches there
>is really nothing there worth "seeing" so the caches
>are really put there to "add points" to the total and
>give people a reason to stop other than to take a
>restroom break. I have done a number of caches that
>had no "purpose" other than getting a cacher to go
>there and find it and I enjoyed them even though there
>was nothing "scenic" about the area.
>To me the goal of caching is to get my fat butt out of
>the chair and house and into the outdoors for exercise
>and fresh air....that for me is enough reason to put a
>cache somewhere.

Yes there is something there... a cache box.  There are several "park" 
caches with nothing scenic about them either... I have often seen as much 
wildlife/wild flowers at reststop caches as at others that are in parks.  
One of the things that "they" are trying to eliminate is reststop 
virtuals... thus there really is nothing there that wasn't there before.

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