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  • From: "Bruce S" <bruces1321@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 14:07:26 -0500

>Some folks here have mentioned all the problems with geocaching here in st. 
>louis, I am glad that we do not have their kinds of problems.

>anybody care do discuss?

In general I think you will hear less controversy on cache approval/rules 
from St Louis group for one specific reason... for the most part cachers in 
the St Louis area have been following the current rules already with few 
exceptions.  For example:

St Louis area has never been a big supporter of Locationless caches - thus 
when they were curtailed little impact was noted.

St Louis area has comparatively few virtual caches - similar cities have 
them in the 100's (ie KC, Dallas, Fort Worth, Nashville)

St Louis area has had few code word micros - I think some of the very first 
ones might have been in the St Louis area but it did not become the trend as 
it did in Chicago.

Series of caches in St Louis area are rare... in other cities they are quite 
common.   I know in some cases there has been concern whether the series 
should be 1 multi or several individual caches with a bonus. (Nashville and 
Chicago have several series each)

Cache density in the St Louis area has never been such that the .1 mile rule 
has been a problem except on rare occasions when the existence of another 
cache is unknown/"unremembered".  Part of the reason that our density is not 
as high is because of the 3 preceding points(few virtuals, few micros, and 
few series).  Cache density is starting to become more of a concern in 
certain parts of our area.

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