[GeoStL] Re: rules, we don't need no rules …

  • From: steve.bromley@xxxxxxxxx
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  • Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 13:13:47 +0000

I wonder how many 'Munzee' deployers have actually read these rules? I've seen a lot of these rules broken with some Munzee's.

On , Glenn <GLNash@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
glad to see no one reads their rules either. :-)

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Rules for placing a Munzee
Munzees must be placed according to (but not limited to) the following rules:A Munzee needs to be placed in a manner that promotes safe and reasonable gameplay.The placement of a munzee and the actions taken needing to capture it must not break any local, state or federal laws.A Munzee cannot be placed on private property without permission. This needs to be granted from the property representative or owner (not the barista*)A Munzee cannot be placed on airport property. Suspicious activity at an airport is going to be a problem.A Munzee cannot be placed within 500 feet of a municipal building, school, playground, pool, or memorial area.A Munzee needs to be placed a 'reasonable distance' away from other Munzees.There is not a currently a set rule, however it is a strong guideline. Over-saturation is no fun for anyone!Munzees cannot be located in the same place. No "bonus" hides allowed.Place your Munzee with respect to the local environment.


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