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Not sure but it might be KC.

Via iP-4

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 Not much info, is there?

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    Box Found In South KC No Longer Suspicious
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POSTED: 5:00 pm CST February 26, 2012
UPDATED: 7:38 am CST February 27, 2012

*KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- *Kansas City police said a box found south of the Red
Bridge Shopping Center in Kansas City is no longer considered suspicious.

Investigators said they had closed off an area near 11290 Holmes Road after
the green metal box was found near a utility pole just before 4 p.m.

There is a McDonald's restaurant at the corner of the intersection, which
sits just across the street from the Minor Park Golf Course

Bomb and arson investigators were dispatched to the scene before
authorities located the owner of the box.

No injuries were reported.

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