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Since we're on the computer tech topic, has anyone ever heard of a computer 
company called Medion? I know it's not wise to buy this stuff from 
non-reputable sources but a certain discount grocery store has a system that 
has just about everything a person could want for home application. 
2.6ghzpent.4 with Hyper Threading Tech, watch/record t.v. and radio, remote 
control, dvd/cd burner, built in wireless LAN, additional dvd ROM, 160GB 7200 
rpm hard drive, 512 mb ram, wireless kbd and mouse, 5.1 audio outputs, 7 usb, 7 
in media card reader, tv radio connections, but only 56k V.90 modem. All for 
799, just wondered if it was worth the risk for a company I haven't heard of. 
My current comp is about 4 years old and is beginning to give me all sorts of 
trouble on top of being out dated with only 350 meg prcessor.
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    Subject: [GeoStL] Links in messages

    Is it possible that when someone references a cache to mention the name of 
the cache?  

    Here are a couple of places that posters could go to before inserting long 
urls into emails. These sites make long urls shorter.  The last couple of urls 
that I've seen come through, my email has split the line -- so it's a matter of 
clicking on the highlighted area and then copying and pasting the remaining 
part of the url into the browser and hitting refresh or reload. 





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