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He is just a slacker now!

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Dear Mr. Monkey,

Now what do you have left to do?

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> -
> HAHAHA,[1] that is something that I used to do until I conned.. strike
> that,  ... until Strider so graciously volunteered to do that stuff for
> me.   [2]
> (and boy am I glad) Thanks Jim.
> glenn
> [1] I mean that in a good way
> [2] that stuff includes but is not limited to:
> receiving the new member's notification
> going in and updating the SLAGA members database with whatever info is
> needed
> sending out the "Welcome to SLAGA" email
> checking that the members email address is valid
> updating the new members on the slaga webpage
> keeping the members database current with all the members current info
> and probably a bunch more stuff by now. [3]
> [3]  Footnote monkey at work
> Thanks again Jim and did I mention
> Thanks again Jim?


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