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Perfect!  And it works with Firefox as the browser.  Thanks, Dan


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It is possible to do what you want, but it takes a few steps.
1.  Drag the route to where you want it in Google Maps.
2.  In the top right hand corner of Google maps, click on "link to this
3.  Copy the link (the top box) and paste it into your browser and add at
the end of it, with no spaces:
4.  Click your browser and a dialog box will come up asking if you wish to
save or open the file.  Tell it to open.
5.  The route will open in Google Earth.  Check to see if that's what you
want, and then save it as a KML.

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Is anyone versed in turning routes created in maps.google.com into .kml
files that can be used for PQs?

When I use google to customize my route (Montreal to Quebec; I want to stay
on the north side of the St Laurent and avoid the big highways) I get a
"view in google earth" option, but when I do that it reverts back to the
default (i.e. big highway) route.

How can I customize a map on maps.google and save it as a .kml file?


P.S.  Flying to Boston on Sunday night.  My plan is to drive thru NH, VT,
Montreal, Quebec, and Maine.  then do a day trip thru RI and CT.  That will
complete the NE section of my US states with a find.

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