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How wide is my mouth? I meant --- University of Miami.. Geezzz.. Sure glad the 
professor doesn't read this... 
(now taking my foot back out)


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  There is a lot of truth in this.. I think that for the most part, we are 
getting a little burned out on the ordinary. What is the difference between a 
micro in a small city park that has a clever hide and hiking 10 miles to find a 
tupperware container with a logbook and pencil?

  It weighs about the same. I like micros for the purpose they serve and I 
don't feel they degredate the sport. However, any toss it and mark it type 
caches are really lame. I have a few micros that bring people to really nice 
areas. Such as the Arboretum at the University of Florida. Canes Cache. I also 
have one that really is lame and it is named "Fun 4 Some". Simply because it is 
a small multi that is in an obvious place.

  I set out a cache where I don't want you to trade and stocked it with really 
good stuff. The problem is, you have to solve a murder mystery before you can 
find it. I am tired of placing a traditional cache with good stuff, giving the 
coords out and 3 months later it is full of rubber balls and McDonald toys. Not 
a very good thing for me or anyone who finds it later. So I have decided that 
my new caches will involve a few micros as waypoints that will need some type 
of logic to figure out the final cache and items in that final cache will NOT 
be traded for. I want it to be a typical "you take one Item and I will restock 
it" cache. That way, I control what is in the cache and people are happy with 

  PA even took something from the Murder Mystery cache... :-)

  I think that we can get to the point where we will over saturate with carpet 
bombed micros and eventually it will just be unappealing to those who prefer 
nice caches. I like long hikes in the Winter to do just one cache. I don't mind 
that. I do mind a long hike in the Winter to find a cache that has a pencil and 
log book only. I do them, but I would rather see something nice done with them.

  Anyhow, I want to focus more on building the sport side of GPS navigation. I 
think there is something there and our March event will showcase that.

  Having rambled on here.... sigh... I am going caching..


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    I wasn't thinking of one particular cache, nor am I implying that all 
caches are tupperware containers full of trash. I guess my point is that I have 
seen a real decline in the quality of caches since I began geocaching in Jan. 
2002. I don't trade anymore because the items that I now find in caches are 
rarely worth trading for. But that I have come to accept. 

    What disappoints me most is the number of caches out there that seem to 
have been placed just for the sake of placing a cache. When I first began 
geocaching in Arizona caches were placed in areas that had some appeal, such as 
an overlooked historical area, or near a scenic view, or an off-the-beaten-path 
trail. It was evident that the cache owner wanted to bring a person to the area 
for an obvious reason. Nowadays I find myself asking, "Why was I brought here?"

     Please understand these are just my thoughts; not an attempt to bash our 
beloved sport or any of its players. When I saw that expression "junky 
tupperware full of trash" (or whatever it was) I just couldn't help but comment.

    RE: your discussion point on micros. Well I won't even go there :-)!!


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    >Good discussion point here... 
    >And what cache would this be from?? Not much can be done about such 
    >things is no one knows where they are. The only way the situation 
    >can be changed is to let someone know. The whole system of 
    >maintaining quality caches depends on all the cachers that are out 
    >looking for caches. If something needs fixin, do a little fixing. A 
    >lot of folks do this already and carry supplies with them for about 
    >every situation. If there are containers full of trash, it is 
    >obvious that not everyone takes the idea of continual cache 
    >maintenances seriously. 
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