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From the FAQ page of the slaga website, written some time ago...

Q: CACHE HIDING: Where should I hide a geocache?
A: My thoughts, YMMV (your mileage may vary). I think good caches are the ones that are placed for good reasons. I like locations that are interesting for some reason (I really like the 'Freddies Hideaway' location, it's a cool spot to take kids). If a location could really get a person to thinking about things during a visit, I would consider that a good spot also. Another great reason to place a cache could be to lead a visitor to a great view or the caches could act as a guide to a challenging hike through a park or the woods. I would have never gone to Wildcat Mtn. had it not been for Butch's three caches there. I always like a good reason to bring cachers to an area. I find it somewhat irritating to spend a great deal of time looking for a cache that has no apparent purpose other than being a hidden box in the woods. It tends to leave me thinking, why am I here again? (GLNash)
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Q: CACHE HIDING: Where shouldn't I hide a geocache?
A: The easy answer would be: Any place that you don't obtain permission for first. I am thinking though, in general, caches on private property are tricky. Private property would include places like railroad right of ways & tunnels, anything around a dam might not be a good idea. Sept. 11 has put many agencies on alert to blow up things that look like bombs. Many caches look very suspicious to law enforcement folks. Other places to avoid would be locations that could get damaged by cachers. Caches in a flowerbed would not be a good choice where as caches hidden behind 200 feet of stinging nettles might just keep the casual hiker from finding your cache by accident. We need to be aware of the impact on the area by the visiting geocachers. If an area *really* wants hikers to stay ON the trails, placing caches off the trail puts us at odds with the land management folks and could cause all of us problems. Of course there are issues with the National Parks Service prohibiting caches, Wilderness areas have not been approved of the Forest Service and these issues are still unresolved. (GLNash)
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At 09:41 PM 9/17/2003, Dave Keiser wrote:

Don't be bashful about placing caches.  I placed my first cache when I
had about 15 finds and I didn't know any other cachers.  It's not on
anyone's top ten caches list, but it is kind of fun.  It's well hidden
(without a bunch of geoflage giving it away) and is still there.

To me, it was my 'testing the waters' cache.  After that, I put out
caches in places I thought other cachers should go.  Once I ran out of
really cool places, I started placing caches that are fun to find or
tricky to find.  The point is that we all love caches.  Put a little
effort and common sense in your cache and it will be just fine--the
only time I see 'lame' comments is when the owner uses a bad container
(a coffee can doesn't last long in Missouri weather), doesn't include a
stash note, or hides it in such a way that it's too obvious to anyone
walking by (or it will be once leaves fall off in the winter).

You can do all sorts of strange stuff.  I have a cache that is full of
rocks for trinkets (it's part of the theme and no one has said it was
lame--you won't understand unless you do the cash and hopefully get a
laugh out of it.)  Like Glenn said, if you build it, they will come.
Some people feel that Highway rest stop caches are lame.  They have a
point, but Jen (nyisutter) has done a good job of making a few
interesting ones.  They won't be on most folks favorite caches list,
but they do provide a little break from the highway monotony.  They
also get more visitors than most regular caches.  1/1's get lots of
visitors, 5/5's get very few (but they leave long logs).

I think most will agree if a cache entails a pleasant half mile walk,
then who cares what the cache is about.  A log is all you need, but
trading stuff is fun.  Still, the more effort you put into the cache
(creatively naming it, giving a nice portrayal on the page, custom
printing a log book label, etc.), the more you'll get back.

But, really, what do I know, I've only been caching since March and
have only found 130+ caches and hid 29.

Dave (fullquiver)

On Wednesday, September 17, 2003, at 08:58 PM, TKLNHL wrote:

From: "Laura D" <festive@xxxxxxxxxx>

Yeah, they will come... and then complain about it.  But that's okay,
believe in free speech.  I am going to try to overcome my fear of
and place one anyway. I think I will name it "Lame Cache".


Hey .. maybe we could hook up for a Series. For some reason I think you live west or south. I live north. We could do a set: Lame Cache Blame Cache Complame Cache Sublame Cache

Or simply
Lame North
Lame West
Lame South
Lame East
Anything more creative simply wouldn't be.. well .. lame ..

Although I'll bet  will be someone who will misread and think there is
accent mark after the e in Lame and will be looking for gold and silver
sparkly material.

thinkin' this could work  lol...

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