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Never more true.. I can stock until my hearts content and it could still be 
considered trash... I say if you have an idea even if it's not original, by all 
means place it.. People will do it.. Keep in mind that people with 400 or 500 
finds don't get the same thrill from a 1/1 that a newbie would get. I like 
reading logs where they are absolutely excited about their 1st or 2nd find. We 
need not please the masses, just a few at a time..


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  This is exactly why I haven't placed a cache yet.  I am afraid that no matter 
how hard I try to make it interesting, you guys will consider it "lame".  I 
have been trying for more than a year now to come up with a great idea, and 
just about the time I think I have, I read someone saying how un-original it is.

  Please keep in mind that different people enjoy geocaching for different 
reasons.  Personally, I like a nice easy cache with McDonalds (or other) toys 
in it.  I would hate to think that something I went out and purchased 
specifically to put into a cache ends up being considered "trash".  Sorry, but 
just because you control what is in a cache does not guarantee that all people 
are happy with it.

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    There is a lot of truth in this.. I think that for the most part, we are 
getting a little burned out on the ordinary. What is the difference between a 
micro in a small city park that has a clever hide and hiking 10 miles to find a 
tupperware container with a logbook and pencil?

    It weighs about the same. I like micros for the purpose they serve and I 
don't feel they degredate the sport. However, any toss it and mark it type 
caches are really lame. I have a few micros that bring people to really nice 
areas. Such as the Arboretum at the University of Florida. Canes Cache. I also 
have one that really is lame and it is named "Fun 4 Some". Simply because it is 
a small multi that is in an obvious place.

    I set out a cache where I don't want you to trade and stocked it with 
really good stuff. The problem is, you have to solve a murder mystery before 
you can find it. I am tired of placing a traditional cache with good stuff, 
giving the coords out and 3 months later it is full of rubber balls and 
McDonald toys. Not a very good thing for me or anyone who finds it later. So I 
have decided that my new caches will involve a few micros as waypoints that 
will need some type of logic to figure out the final cache and items in that 
final cache will NOT be traded for. I want it to be a typical "you take one 
Item and I will restock it" cache. That way, I control what is in the cache and 
people are happy with it. 

    PA even took something from the Murder Mystery cache... :-)

    I think that we can get to the point where we will over saturate with 
carpet bombed micros and eventually it will just be unappealing to those who 
prefer nice caches. I like long hikes in the Winter to do just one cache. I 
don't mind that. I do mind a long hike in the Winter to find a cache that has a 
pencil and log book only. I do them, but I would rather see something nice done 
with them.

    Anyhow, I want to focus more on building the sport side of GPS navigation. 
I think there is something there and our March event will showcase that.

    Having rambled on here.... sigh... I am going caching..


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      I wasn't thinking of one particular cache, nor am I implying that all 
caches are tupperware containers full of trash. I guess my point is that I have 
seen a real decline in the quality of caches since I began geocaching in Jan. 
2002. I don't trade anymore because the items that I now find in caches are 
rarely worth trading for. But that I have come to accept. 

      What disappoints me most is the number of caches out there that seem to 
have been placed just for the sake of placing a cache. When I first began 
geocaching in Arizona caches were placed in areas that had some appeal, such as 
an overlooked historical area, or near a scenic view, or an off-the-beaten-path 
trail. It was evident that the cache owner wanted to bring a person to the area 
for an obvious reason. Nowadays I find myself asking, "Why was I brought here?"

       Please understand these are just my thoughts; not an attempt to bash our 
beloved sport or any of its players. When I saw that expression "junky 
tupperware full of trash" (or whatever it was) I just couldn't help but comment.

      RE: your discussion point on micros. Well I won't even go there :-)!!


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