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Please don't worry about your first cache being considered lame. Pick what you like as a location and go with it. Those that complain about lame caches in the St Louis area need to go caching in other areas of the country and then they will realize how "pure" geocaching is in the St Louis area. We don't have the Wally World Caches, don't have the under every light pole caches, and never had the great proliferation of virtuals that happpened elsewhere.


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This is exactly why I haven't placed a cache yet.

Glad you said this first. I was trying to figure out a way to say the same thing but I have a tendency to be wordy (yeah really ..) and you went straight to the point. I have three uncached parks very near me and we've concocted a great little story for them -- but one involves variations on balls and the other involves girl things. NOT what some people are looking for in way of trade items. I've had these caches made and ready to go for a while now, but haven't put them out for "fear" of alienating people I've never MET LOL. The parks are well-maintained, have very nice playgrounds and a couple of miles of trails. However, being an overthinker, I wonder do I bother to go through with this and disappoint an experienced group of people I don't know or go ahead and see what happens.

My nearly 6 yr old daughter enjoys the walks, the hunt, doesn't balk at a micro and is even learning to use the GPSr. Had we recently come across a McToy in the form of the miniature black Barbie within the last month it certainly would have thrilled her and saved ME $2.99 at a drive through. McToys, for what they are, are lovely little things. Where else can you get a Little Person for free?

No we haven't even broken 50 yet in our finds. But, we've enjoyed every cache we've done either solo or as a family. We've learned something on each one and left with more than a trade item. But, I have to agree with Laura (aka Purple) here -- getting out and placing one is quite intimidating.

  NHL of TKLNHL & Kyd

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