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In a message dated 9/10/03 1:27:38 AM, ecartis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< So, since I started caching in late March, I don't know about the 
seasonal flux, but do more people cache in the fall/spring than 
summer/winter?  What season sees the most caching? >>

I definitely did more caching in the winter and spring than I did this 
summer. I'm gearing back up, though. I've restocked my goodie bag and plan on 
a round of cache maintenance in the next week or so. Then my goal is hit a 
bunch of those Columbia caches that I missed last Spring -- and those that have 
sprung up since (like Fullquiver's run of interesting sounding caches). As far 
as I'm concerned, it's just starting to be geocaching season!

Matt 1344
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