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Jim, there are 10 new ones in Cahokia Mounds.  Almost all the other new ones
in the area are on bike trails.  The latest batch of 15 are on a 4.5 mile
stretch of the Nature Bike Trail and some are pretty hard to find.


Jim Bensman
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Sarah & I are interested, we have 9 to get there, plus a lot of others in
the area. We'll be in touch about it all.


On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 10:32 PM, Steve Bromley <bromley@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Anyone interested in doing Cahokia Mounds on Saturday morning?  


Steve Bromley







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 Lots of trails and parking with out fees or group tours.   I would stop in
at the main building if you get a chance though.  Although it might be too
late in the day and you could spend hours there.  Wish I could join you but
I work till 7:00 p.m.  There are a few parking areas so you might want to
download Myotis' maps.  Have fun


John (Gerhardus)


I plan on caching Cahokia Mounds tomorrow after work (starting about
3:30pm).  If anyone's interested, let me know.

Further, is the area open similar to a park, or do I have to check in
somewhere?  Also, are all of the caches available without having to
tour the area?  I'd love to check out the area, but don't want to do
it in a group setting.



Andrew Senger
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