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Anyone take any pictures, display the SLAGA banner, get hurt or lost, etc?
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Sarah Coppersmith <mscopper@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I also attended GeoWoodstock IX and had a great time.  I went with my cousin 
and his wife, my brother and his wife, my aunt and uncle. They came from NY, OK 
and VA.  We spent 4 days camping,  caching, riding the GeoWoodstock express 
train, and attending the event.  This was my first event like this and it was 
great.  Saw other SLAGA folks and of course found a large number of caches of 
all types in and around the event site.   Of course we ended up following other 
cachers or they were following us.  Lots of fun.  And we are planning on 
attending the GeoWoodstock X in Sellersburg, IN.  


I thought they did a good job putting on the event.  But they could have made 
registration a little easier.  Long waiting lines to get your registration 
badge and packet.  Very rural area, no internet access, bummer.  Plus being at 
the fairgrounds, the workshop and presentation areas were crowded with little 
climate control for anyone sensitive to the heat.   The lunch was done very 
well, no lines and lots of seating.  


I look forward to the next Geowoodstock X.


Mark (Utapao72)


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Geowoodstock was Really Neat. The weather was great, lots of SLAGA cachers too. 
Sam & Steph & Utapao72 were there, and Amanda from BajaClan, Quailman2, BWAT & 
Brawny & the cubs, L Franks, and GoshHawk too!. We had a great time of course. 
Lots to see & do, plenty of vendors, look out for Sarah's 5 gallon bison tube. 
Next year's will be near Louisville, I'm sure SLAGA will really be there in 
force. Sarah & I took the long way there & back finding caches in 10 states. We 
got 4 caches placed in the year 2000, and several for our Fizzy challenge. 
Anyhow, that is the short story about it.


On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 6:49 PM, Glenn <GLNash@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

anybody gonna tell us how neat woodstock was this year?
Seems to be really quiet about the event.


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