[GeoStL] Re: garmin malfunctioning

  • From: "Gale R. Nie" <showme69@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: <geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 13:30:38 -0500


In  a way, I am creating a new WP with the same coords, because to  enter it I 
have to mark my present location then change the waypoint name and coordinates. 
 Your response made me think that maybe when I marked my location and then went 
in to edit, I had changed the coords first then the waypoint in the past and 
possibly it would make a difference if I tried to edit the waypoint first, 
before changing the coords.  I just tried it and it worked fine changing the 
coords first so it still seems to malfunction at times, not accepting the new 
waypoint and then going back to the screen with more options, to change the 

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  You might consider deleting the original WP. When you think you are renaming 
the WP, it sounds like you are actually creating a new WP with the same coords.

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    From: Gale R. Nie 
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    Subject: [GeoStL] garmin malfunctioning

    I've had an off and on  problem lately with my etrex yellow and wanted to 
see if anyone else has had this happen. Many of you probably won't since I 
enter my waypoints manually.  Anyway, when I enter a new waypoint and go to 
change the name to the "GCXXXX" name on gc.com, I change all the digits, then 
the OK at the bottom of the screen is highlighted and I push the button to 
enter it.  Well instead of renaming the waypoint, the cursor jumps back up to 
the first digit of the waypoint. I then have to back out of the screen to 
continue.  At first I thought the waypoint name wouldn't be changed, but when I 
chose the original number for that waypoint to go to it, the map screen with 
the little walking guy shows the original number, such as 172, and behind it is 
the new waypoint I punched in. I can see the "G" sticking out to the left of 
the number 1 in 172 and the last digit of the waypoint is to the right of the 
number 2 in 172.  Since it first happened, I've had it work normally again, 
then revert back to the malfunctioning way and now it's working ok again. 
Hasn't prevented me from caching so I'm not too worried right now, just wanted 
to see if anyone else has had this happen and if it's a sign of bigger, future 


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