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I regret my participation in the hijacking of your thread. Please do not let
the 'shoot from the hip' comments of a few denizens (dare I say curmudgeons)
on this list deter you from participating. It is all in good fun (at least
speaking for myself). I often play the roll of devil's advocate to stimulate
the conversation.

Again, I am sorry. Your own message has a very appropriate and relevant
phrase, "Life is way to short to take serious".

cache on, post on, goodness will always prevail over evil-doers ;)

p.s. just a funny note, evil-doer is in my spellchecker. It makes me want to
ask, "Is our children learning? Will the highways of the internet become more

Put food on your family. Make the pie higher! Families is where our nations
finds hope. Where our wings take dream.


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I was thinking of the WWFM that is happening in Jackson, MO on May 10. I just
thought it would be fun to flash mob their flash mob. I posted the link
because I thought everyone would have fun with it.

I didn't think this thread would deteriorate to an unpleasant political
statement tho. I'm sorry now that I even posted the original link. This is why
I rarely post here. (going back to my corner)

Life is way to short to take serious.

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