[GeoStL] Re: frozen flash mob?

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We've always been fond of the "Seasons" running through the park. My daughter 
was convinced someone should dress as  GPS and Satellite at the SLAGA flash mob 
-- but didn't get any takers here.   Imagine the possibilities...

The synchronized swimmers in the fountain are interesting too.


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  Being a former Best Buy employee I get a good laugh out of this, however for 
all you thinking about possibly doing this ( whyever you would think that I 
don't know) it is in fact illegal to film on bestbuy property without 
permission of the corporate office due to the fact that it is actually private 
property.  much the same way we can't place caches on private property.

  Enjoy this though, found the link for the bestbuy spoof and am getting a 
really good laugh at it.  Video is at the bottom


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    What could the police do?  Arrest someone for shopping who happens to be
    dressed in similar colors as their employees?  That's ridiculous!

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    This bunch has a whole bunch of these "missions". All are pretty funny.
    They did one at Best Buy where they all dressed in blue shirts and kaki
    pants just like the best buy guys.  They just milled around the store
    looking helpful. The managers got freaked out, thought there was going
    to be some sort of plot activity or something. Called the police. . .
    pretty interesting.

    JimSGreene@xxxxxxx wrote:
    > Count me in, I especially liked the guy in the cart who couldn't go
    > anywhere.

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