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  • Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2008 07:33:32 -0600

     Re: [GeoStL] free-for-all email list.  Amen to that.  I
have a spare list that I  registered a year or so ago.  I
haven't activated it but am seriously  considering it for
those of us who would really like to keep the idle chatter 
down in our mail boxes.  I'm also guilty of not always
staying on  topic but lately it's been getting to much for
me to deal with.  I hate to  leave this list but I've really
considered it lately.

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From: "Michael Griffin" 
Subject: [GeoStL] Re: free-for-all email list.
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 07:19:58 -0600

 Well said. I would rather only see geocaching, lunch plans,
and pass along deals on this list than fill my mailbox full
of chatter between a few people.
 Mike Griffin
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 Subject: [GeoStL] free-for-all email list.
 Basically because when someone signs onto a geocaching list
there is a 
  reasonable expectation that there will be some geocaching
material on 
  the geocaching list. There is a set of guidelines sent to
  when they  sign up. The community expects that most folks
will follow 
  most of the guidelines.
 If you want a no holds barred, discuss anything list with
local like 
  minded people that know what they are getting in for, I
have some 
spare unconfigured    lists.       go here and sign up.
 http://www.freelis ts.org/list/mga
 I think right now there is a discussion of . . well, to
mention that 
  here would not be prudent at this junctuure. SO, go to
this junk list 
  and talk smack all day long.
 The last man standing wins.
 On Nov 4, 2008, at 5:21 AM, Michael Rogers wrote:
>  I have to agree with both Stephen and Nancy...
>  As Stephen said, virtually all of us here are adults and
do get 
>   along out in the field quite well , so why not talk
about what we like?
>     Sometimes the logic used to determine what is and
isn't acceptable 
>   topic fodder amazes me. For instance, we aren't supposed
to speak 
>   about the current issues of the day lest we offend
>    delicate sensibilities yet talking about food, vehicle
>   weddings, various things one can purchase off the
internet and even 
>  people's pets are okay...as long as we use the  "NGR" or
"NCR" tags? 
>   Heck, there was recently a topic about flying flags just
this past 
>   September...that could easily be considered political,
yet other 
>    political topics are verboten?
>  It's simple...read a topic if it interests you...don't
read it if it 
>   doesn't.
>  Isn't that what freedom of speech and freedom of choice
is all about?
>  -Michael
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>   Subject: [GeoStL] Re: Free Starbucks Coffee Nov 4
>  -
>   Or
> >   ..  based on the fact that subscribers are dropping
> >    flies, we could probably now just talk about whatever
> >    darn well want couldn't we??
> >   
>    >   Nancy
>  I am feeling this way whole heartedly!
>  I'll start with carbon footprints and/or replacement
window dealers.
>  Or watch out for any talk regarding a playground.
>  I say speak as an adult without aggressive and/or obscene
>   and let others determine what threads they do or don't
like and take 
>      the responsibility to avoid that thread.
>  NGR and NCR do nothing to deter because a huge percent of
what is 
>   said requires one of those labels as a precursor.
>  We are geocachers who know each other and generally play
>   Therefore ALL post are geocaching related.
>     Pick and choose what you want to read and what you
>  We are mostly all adults here.
>     Stephen
>  PS-I am not saying anyone shares my view on this email ,
nancy's post 
>   was just a jumping point for me and MY beliefs
>  PPS- I won't be unsubscribing, if need be the powers that
be will 
>   have to ban me.
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