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Thank you Bernie, Jim, Mike, & Bridget.  I knew I would get some good advice
here.  We will definitely NOT try the Babler Springs EarthCache.  We almost
definitely WILL try the Lustron Home Tour of Webster Groves.  Depending on
time, we may or may not try a restaurant tour or two.  The problem with
those is that restaurants will probably be pretty crowded on Mothers Day.
Even finding a place to park may be tricky in some cases.

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Laura, I was just tried to do that Babler cache a week or so ago. 
I would not recommend it at this time. With all the rain we've 
had, I'm sure that the field you have to cross is going to be 
pretty wet.  Bernie

On Thu May 08 08:30:25 CDT 2008, Laura DeWeese 
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> This Sunday I am looking for an activity to do with my mother for 
> Mothers
> Day that we both can enjoy.  She's not especially into 
> geocaching, but she
> does like to see interesting things.
>  I was thinking about Babler Springs EarthCache (GC1916K).  I 
> read in the
> logs that it is an "easy walk from parking area."  Do you think 
> it is easy
> enough for a 75-year-old woman (with early Parkinson's)?  She has 
> a cane
> that she sometimes uses, and a walker that she only uses for 
> longer
> distances like the mall.  I'm guessing the walker wouldn't work 
> here.  (The
> trail is not paved, is it?  It doesn't look like it from the 
> pictures.)
>  The other idea I had was Lustron Home Tour of Webster Groves by 
> (GCR589).  Do you think that would be a better choice?  I'm 
> assuming it
> would be mostly riding in a car.
>  Thanks in advance for your helpful suggestions!
>  Laura/purple


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