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1. There was a link on the old site. There is a link on most of my pages and
there is a link at the bottom of every one of these email. (just before the
spotted cow message)

2.  you don?t, and I like fine cegars. :-)  Then I am gonna buy a boat, and
maybe a new motorcycle. Does anybody want anything whilst I am going out?

I think you *are* a charter member. A donation would make you a double super
charter member with a double super charter memmmm? never mind.  You get the
same prize we gave to RGS for re-subbing to this list again with a different
address but I think we are fresh out of the gold watches.  :-)


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Would you rather have cash or donations
made using PayPal?  Wasn't there once a PayPal
link on the site that sent the money to Glenn?
How do I know Glenn isn't just going to use the
money to buy cigars?!
Will I be a charter member? And if so, what does
that mean?
Dave D wrote:
Hope I didn't step on any toes.
The survey indicated that most people were not interested in paying for a
web site.  I was anxious to start a St. Louis page and decided that I would
fund the site initially and accept donations - but would not ask for money.
I am OK with covering any shortages.  Site registration was $12.95.  Costs
$84.00 a year to host.  So far $24.00 has been received, with several others
indicating they will donate when they see me.  In the event we exceed the
cost, the excess will be  spent as the association wishes.

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