[GeoStL] art event/geocaching

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  • Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 18:18:42 -0500

Below is the link from a message last night in the GC forums for the midwest 
area and specifically St. Louis. I replied and he sent me the following email. 

Does anyone have an interest in this and maybe helping him out? I'm not really 
sure what he's trying to do involving geocaching.



User makeshiftindustries has contacted you with the following message:

thanks for the info on geocaching, i will try to attend the seminar in 
november, as i'm interested but dont have a gps unit.  

As far as hiding the caches, its something i really interested in doing one for 
my own personal recreation and amusement, but also for an event i and a few 
other artists have been working on.  

 we are having a free urban wilderness art festival, its all about art, 
exploration, discovery and looking at things in a different creative way.  

its north of the arch grounds off lenore k sullivan between biddle and 
mullanphy the heart being at the old cotton belt route building. its an area 
full of history which few know about. 

its totally noncomercial there is no vending and we have zero buget, (aside 
from tshirt sales to pay for portapotties)  were just looking for creative fun 
ways to make folks awair that we thought might be interested.

 since the first cache i wanted to make was right there i thought it would be 
fun to try to combine some thing i'm curious about with something i'm very much 
into... the cache would stay there all the time but instead i suppose i could 
just post it as an event.

the festival is on the 20th and 21st of september, so unfortunatly its coming 
up pretty quick.  if you think you might like to help us/me out or have some 
other thoughts on the issue please let me know.

for more info on the site and the event:

i will be down in the area until the event from say noon
till 8:00 everynight, should you want to get a look at the space or talk about 
it more.



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