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Lawler Ford road is actually "Zombie Road" and is indeed closed.  The only way 
to access these caches now is to park at the school at Ridge Road and Lawler 
Ford and walk or bike in.  The other trail-heads at Glencoe and Sherman Beach 
are still closed from the flood damage, and Al Foster Trail is officially 
closed even though it is passable by bike.  I mountain biked the area this 
afternoon to check to see how many caches are still around.  Surprisingly, most 
are still there and the ones on Zombie Road should fine.  In the area of the 
spring,  there are thousands of bluebells that are just starting to bloom, so 
take your camera.

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Hi all.  I've been looking at the caches for The Hills Have eyes and Zombies, 
etal.  I tried to go there last week, but couldn't figure out where to park.  
GPS has me trying to get to Lawler Ford road, however, the road that it's 
pointing to doesn't look like it exists anymore.
Any help would be most appreciated.

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