[GeoStL] Re: You catch more flies with honey, than vinegar

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  • Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 04:42:41 -0600

Oh man ..   we're gonna need Sara's master "Jim List"  before this is all 
over with aren't we?
Maybe THAT should be pinned  to the bottom of every message instead of all 
that other stuff...


PS Doesn't  anyone here ever sleep or go to a job???
You would think there would be more night caches...

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From: "Jack Konecker"
> -
> Well said, Jim Williams!
> Jim Bensman's site is full of false assumptions and a few outright
> lies.  They are so silly that its not worth going into details trying
> to counter it all.  But then, I know the real situation.
> As I said, this is an exact repeat of what he pulled 2 1/2 years ago.
> Started with calling someone a racist, then accusing someone of
> censorship.  He tries to beat you over the head with his cause and
> if you don't agree or don't want to listen, he threatens you and makes
> up lies about you. That's the "vinegar" part of this email thread's title.
> With those tactics, the message (whatever it is) is lost.
> For someone like Jim to claim to be on the side of 'tolerance', he
> has exhibited a lot of intolerance, himself.  There is plenty of evidence
> anyone can drag out of this newsgroup's archives, if necessary.  But
> again, its not worth going into the sad, disfunctional details.
> Let's just go caching ...


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