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No clue, but it's a  Woot Off..  when it's gone it's gone  and  the  next 
item comes up. Although  at 2:49 AM there  were still 84% REMAINING! In the 
Woot world, this thing is most definitely  a Woot-Off killer. People on the 
Woot boards are claiming to be heading to take naps.

Apparently  the price is inline with  being  "good".  They  don't do 
returns. Have to really, really  want it and be willing to live with it 
forever (or pay  the ebay fees)  before making the commitment.

I do like some of the  posted comments, especially the  one calling a GPSr 
and MP3  player  together "random".

This falls  under the category (like that crazy Sprite commercial that shows 
at the movie theaters)  of "Just Because You CAN Doesn't Mean You  Should."


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> -
> Anybody familiar with the GPS that is currently on woot.com?
> Lowrance iFinder Map & Music GPS Receiver w/MP3 Player
> Thanks
> Jen


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