[GeoStL] Re: Windows 8 and GSAK

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  • Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 10:44:50 -0700 (PDT)

Yeah, get rid of Windows 8! I hate it! It has made me crazier than I normally 

'Whatever You Give To Life, Life Gives You Back'

Life is way to short to take serious.

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Are you using GSAK 8?

Jason Collier

On 3/26/2013 8:22 PM, Susie Nelson wrote:
> Hello all.
> Need some assistance with downloading PQ's on a laptop supplied with Windows 
> 8.
> It's giving us a devil of a time.Downloading the PQ works, butcannot seem to 
> get them to install on GSAK.
> Then of course, you move the mouse the wrong way, there goes the window, ALL 
> of them. :(
> Advice on how to do this would be appreciated.
> Oh and if we don't respond immediately, it's because we're back to the other 
> headache...painting the kitchen.
> Susie
> Quailman2
> (NOT afan of Windows 8)

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