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  • Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 07:34:30 -0600

Arlene, the first time I deleted his log and then he came back stating that
he had no pen. He did describe things correctly. I let him relog. He has 47
finds. Bernie

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Did he have a reason for not signing? "Log too wet", "my pen ran out of
ink", or something like that? How about making them tell some sort of detail
about the cache...what color was the container? How was it secured in its
hiding place? I think I would right a note to them saying from now on sign
the log or it WILL be deleted. We forgot our pen a couple times, BUT each
time I sent an email to the owner teeling as many details as I could about
the cache. Is this a new cacher, or an oldie? Maybe they don't know the
'rules' of the game.


From: happykraut@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [GeoStL] What to do
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 05:37:16 -0600

I need some feedback on this one. There is a cacher who states in his logs
"Did not sign log" , but claims it as a find. He has done this to three of
my caches. What should I do? Delete or ignore.  Bernie


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