[GeoStL] What is a 5 by 5 (stars)

  • From: Joe Taylor <rockey_f_squirrell@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 14:14:52 -0700 (PDT)

OK I am finally planning a cache hide that I think might make a 5/5.  So I went 
to the 'hide a cache' site and done the 'rating system questions'.  it lead me 
to be a 5 terrain 4 difficulty.  I will list to y'all what I selected, then 
show you my addition that may make it a 5 star.


 - Specialized Equipment.

Trip requires to go and measure the beggining tunnel of a cave (just to the 
first 'T').  Therefore you will need a flashlight and a Large Tape Measure.  I 
will supply them at a nearby cache location (already in existance).  The Final 
Cache location itself will be on an island on Kinkaid lake (in southern IL)  I 
can use my inflatable Kayak to get on there.  It may be very difficult for a 
large boat to get close enough, and that they would need mud boots to get on 
the island.  (An inflatable raft would do perfectly)


 - Can be done in one day, but will be a 5 stage multi.  One of those being an 
Actual Cache site as a Bonus Log.  (Site will hold equipment needed for the 
cave visit.  It is a 1/1 cache).  Driving will be 15 miles from stage 1, then 
after stage one, driving is within 5 miles and close within each other.  First 
visit will require to take note of a number and it will come in for later use 
in the cache.


 - Hiking distance, will be a 1 mile hike round trip, and then the cave site, 
can either be very short of a half mile (there are two ends of the cave - more 
detail on how I can intensify the difficulty)


 - Trail condition, moderate.  A begginner hiker may get confused and thrown 
offtrail, but an experienced hiker should have no problem keeping the trail, 
(of course with a Coordinate, you dont really need the trail, but that will 
require steep climbing)


 - I done all that and if made it a 4D/5T


To make it even harder, I could lead cacheres to the other end of the cave.  
But the outlet is the size of a car tire, requires crawling on hands and knees 
as well as a drop down anbout 2 foot.  Once inside you will have to scale a 
crevice, and measure to a reference point I will give. (SEE MY PROFILE PIC - 
That is what I am referring to).


The Cave is a legal hiking area by the Shawnee National Forest, but I can not 
place an actual cache there.


To make a 5 difficulty, it said it would need special skills.  I am thinking 
about Writing the whole page in French, and writing it backwards, so they will 
have to reverse the words and then translate it.


As well as give straight coordinates and no (driving) directions, will require 
the user to take the coordinates and study maps and topography.


What do you all think, will that qualify for a 5/5?

Joe Taylor 
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