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 The note that cds231 had on the subject is what I sent him regarding  the 
ones to the back of the park. If you add in the others in the front of the  
park, it would be a whole different story. Here is an updated list on how I  
try the ones in the northern part of the park.
An even better route is:
Roman Ruins
Roman Highways
Roman Temples  the go back towards Roman Highways and follow the trail that 
runs north/south  there to the picnic table at  N38 31.106 W 90 35.034. From 
there you can go  east along a trail to Off The Chubb Trail Making New Friends, 
then back to the  table and take the path to Leader of the Pack and while you 
are there you can  bushwhack down the hill to Shoehorn Valley, or take the 
path past Leader of the  Pack to Shoehorn Valley, then head back to the table.
 From the table, go back towards the north on the trail then cut over  to 
Trek Through Tyson. From there follow the contours to:
Valley of Shadows
By The Cliff
Journeys End, then drop down into the  valley, and walk up the valley to 
Tyson Cascade, then back out & go to  By the Pond. If you do it this way, 
you should miss most of the worst hill  climbing, though around Roman 
Temples, you ain't got no choice.
It is  a rough one either way, but it is worth it. The caches near the south 
end of the  park can be done better from the main park entrance. Anyway, that 
is my  suggested route, unfortunately, I did these on a bunch of separate 
trips. Let me  know if you try it this way, and how it goes. 

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