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I can somewhat understand your point of view, but I look at it a bit
differently.  One problem is you cannot filter out lame/walmart lamppost
caches.  The only way to find out is to go do it (and if you are there, you
just do it).  I've got nothing against easy caches and I don't mind an
occasional lame cache. It is much more fun to do an easy cache in an
interesting location.  Yesterday, I did the eagle has landed.  I drove to
within 10 feet of it and it took me 30 seconds to find it.  But many times
you can see 50-100 eagles in the spot.  I just wish people would take the
time to find an interesting location like the eagle spot instead of putting
them in a walmart parking lot.

My hope is we can exert peer pressure that quality is more important than
quantity.  Let's encourage people to take the time to find an interesting
spot instead of another lamppost.  Or make it interesting and challenging
(RGS's guard rail cache and a guard rail cache we found in Evansville were a
blast to do).  I like the overall quality of caches in our area and want to
keep it that way.

For the number hounds, how about we establish a lamppost cache for them and
let them log it over and over again?  Once you have seen a lamppost or
walmart, you've seen them all.  What's the difference in finding the same
one over and over again and finding a different lamppost?

Today I was in a meeting in Benton IL.  After the meeting I drove a couple
of miles to a cache.  It was clearly on private property and nothing was on
the cache page about permission.  The hint and GPS where directing me to go
into the bushes by a sign and house.  Without knowing if there was
permission, I did not feel comfortable going onto private property in their
bushes.  So I did not.  This was not fun.  It was a waste of my time.

We all have lots of fun doing this.  So in exchange for the fun we get from
others work (Let me thank Glenn again), I think we should pay these people
back by taking the time to do a quality cache.  I think we owe it to other
cachers to not place them in a situation where they could get arrested or in
bad situations like by playgrounds.  If we place a cache on private property
we need to get permission and let people know on the cache page that
permission has been granted.  I bet the vast majority of lamppost caches do
not have permission.
You said you, "enjoy some caches MORE than other caches."  What I am hoping
for is we can encourage people to do higher quality and more fun caches.
Let's all work to keep high quality caches in the area.

Jim Bensman
"Nature Bats Last" 
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I agree totally ...there is room in this sport (obsession) for all kinds of
caches. If you have a thing about lamppost caches, guard rail caches or any
other kind of cache ...YOU DON"T HAVE TO DO IT!!!!....There are no caching
police out there twisting your arm to make you do any cache. One of the
truly great things about caching is that there is literally something for
EVERYONE. I personally will do any cache that comes my way and I enjoy them
all. I enjoy some caches MORE than other caches but I do any and all of
them. This includes lamp post, guard rail and yes even playground caches. I
personally enjoy a good multi or puzzle cache but due to the fact I live so
far away from most of them it is hard to drive 90 miles to complete a single
cache or even 2 or 3 but I have done it as well. It is MY choice of how I
want to spend my time and I say if you don't like a type of cache then don't
do it but give the rest of us a chance to decide for ourselves. That is why
we no longer have virtual or locationless caches because someone decided
that they weren't good for OUR sport and got rid of them and now NONE of us
get to decide if they are worth doing or not. There were some fantastic
caches in both categories but now there are no new ones to judge. All I can
say is be careful what you wish for you might get it and then there is no
turning back.
(Dan now jumps off his soapbox and goes back to reality)
Just my 2 cents worth 
Dan (Thunder_Monk)

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